my dream safe

How It Works

Imagine your own virtual PiggyBank which has personal time-bound specific goals that you can share online with family and friends – who can choose to contribute towards your goal. You in turn can also contribute.

Gone are the days of Granny sending you unwanted socks, or someone getting a gift for the house that only is on display when the person comes to visit, or you receiving a money in a card - only to be spent long before you’ve saved enough to buy that item you meant to save towards.... Well, that’s all in the past. MyDreamSafe solves that for you.

When contributing you’re assured the item your are contributing towards is something the receiver actually wants because they have chosen it, uploaded a picture of it and a personal message about it. You, as their friends and family, can contribute towards it.

There are 3 key parts to make it work.

1. Saver

  1. Create a MyDreamSafe account click here.
  2. Savers need a PayPal account. If you don’t have one already register here.
  3. Set up one or more MyDreamSafe goals.
  4. Upload a personal message and a suitable photo for each goal.
  5. Use MyDreamSafe to communicate your goal via e-mail, SMS texts and Facebook.

2. Contributor

You don’t need an account to contribute towards a Goal - just click here.

  1. Review the goal. See the saver's message and uploaded picture.
  2. Use PayPal or your debit/credit card and contribute. Leave the Saver a message of encouragement.
  3. Vote for a cause that MyDreamSafe could support if, at the management discretion it decides to donate to a cause as part of it's community business programme.
  4. MyDreamSafe charges a small admin fee to contributors for using the MyDreamSafe service website.

C. Process

  1. The Saver’s virtual safe fills up with money - see it happening on line.
  2. Money flows directly from the Contributor's payment card or PayPal account  to the Saver’s PayPal account.
  3. PayPal and MyDreamSafe receive a small admin fee for providing the service.