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Business with a Social Conscience

MyDreamSafe is a business with ethics. If MyDreamSafe makes a profit, after paying its business administration and staff costs, it may, on any given year, choose to donate a percentage of those profits to support the wider community and charities. We estimate that 10% of the profit will be made available to the community and charities. This is a discretionary choice of MyDreamSafe and a decision to proceed will depend on business circumstances at the time. Charity donations are solely at the discretion of management and are not tied to customer admin fees charged. The causes which MyDreamSafe is focusing on through 2010 and 2011 are in three areas: (1) Asthma; (2) Homeless Children; (3) Business Enterprise for young people.

We ask that users of this site vote for their preferred cause. That will enable MyDreamSafe to split any funds, that MyDreamSafe chooses to make available to causes and charities, proportional to the votes received by its users. It is important for users to understand that MyDreamSafe is not a fund raising activity. It is a business, driven for profit – but a business with a conscience and an ethos that supports giving back to the community when it can.