my dream safe


Q: What do I need to get me started?

That’s very easy. You need an email address, a PayPal account to store your funds. Then just create a login account to MyDreamSafe. Simple.

Q: Where is the money kept?

In your PayPal account.

Q: When do I get the money?

As soon as funds clear from the Contributor who can either choose to pay by PayPal or by using their credit or debit card. Money flows straight from their account to yours.

Q: Is my money safe?

Yes. PayPal which is pretty much the internet standard for payments.

Q: Do I have to pay MyDreamSafe?


Q: Do I have to pay PayPal?

Yes. You pay a small standard PayPal fee as you would with any internet payment that uses PayPal as the clearing merchant.

Q: What’s the idea behind voting for Charities?

A company with ethical values which likes to support the wider community owns MyDreamSafe. If a profit is generated from business then why not put something back into the community. Our clients should have a say in where that money is allocated.

Q: Can I upload a picture of the item for which I’m saving?

Yes. In fact, it’s such a great idea to do so that MyDreamSafe has a function to help.

Q: Can I leave a personal message saying why the goal is important to me?


Q: Is the goal achievement driven by an amount or by a specific date?

You can set it to be either.

Q: What happens if I want to cancel my goal before it’s achieved?

A: You cancel it and decide what do with the funds accumulated. That will be dependant on you personally and the exact circumstances under which you declared your goal in the first place. That’s a matter of personal integrity.

Q: Who can see my goal and it’s status?

Everybody you send your personal goal web link to.

Q: How do I communicate the goal out to my friends and family?

Via Email or by Texting from your phone, or by connecting the MyDreamSafe applet to your account on Facebook or by telling people to go to your MyDreamSafe Web Page.

Q: Can I send the Web link to my phone so I can Text it to my friends via Phone?

Yes. There’s a built in function in MyDreamSafe to allow you to do exactly that!

Q: How will I know who has contributed to my goal?

Anyone who contributes to your goal has the option of leaving you their name and email address plus a personal well wish message.

Q: Can I contribute myself too?

Yes you can.


Q: What do I need to contribute?

Just the web link the saver sent you and your payment card. That's it.

Q: What if I can't find the web-link?

To be written etc. etc. etc..

Q: When does the Saver receive the money?

To be written etc. etc. etc...

Q: Can MyDreamSafe take the money I contribute to the Saver?

Absolutely not! PayPal pays funds directly to the Saver.

Q: When does the Saver receive the money?

As soon as it's been processed by PayPal. This is normally straight away.