my dream safe

Keep it simple. Take action.

It's all pretty simple really. First thing to do is to read the home page, how it works page and set up an account and get started.

Use the 'Email family and friends' function in MyDreamSafe

There is a button on your personal web page to email out to your family and friends. It assumes you have email configured on your computer. It's a really easy way to communicate out. Give it a go!

Install MyDreamSafe app on your Facebook

This is a great way to get your goal out there to all your family and friends. Install the Facebook app. It automatically allows people on Facebook to connect through to your goal and contribute. If they like what they see, they may choose to set up a goal for them selves too. How fantastic is that!

A picture paints a 1000 words!

When you set up each of your MyDreamSafe goals - be sure to upload a picture of it too! This will enable your audience to visualise what it is you are working towards. You'll be helping them out.

Use the 'SMS' function in MyDreamSafe

This function is cool. You're going to like it! Use your personal profile page SMS button to send a text to your phone with the Web Link to your goal included. Once it's on your phone you can then text it out to your mates and family. Good, yes?!

Give your friends time to respond. Remind them too.

You know it's a nightmare when your friends and family are trying to work out what to get you for your birthday. Help them out. Let them know about your MyDreamSafe goal. Tell them, and re-tell them. Honestly, you'll be helping them.

Edit your emails and make the personal and fun to read

MyDreamSafe produces some default email templates for your to use when sending out the emails to friends and family. It's worth spending a few minutes tidying them up, putting your own slant on the content and making it engaging and fun for the person who's receiving the mail. Go on, you know it makes sense.