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my dream safe
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my dream safe
my dream safe
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my dream safe
my dream safe

Set a MyDreamSafe & tell Family & Friends

Welcome to a fun and simple way to help save towards a goal. Perhaps it’s YOUR dream or for somebody you know. Go to 'Create an Account' now and try it free! Help family and friends direct thier hard earned money to items their friends and family actually want when they exchange gifts.

It's quick and fun

Imagine you or someone you know is saving for a gift, occasion or experience -  Birthdays, Christmas, New year resolutions, Valentine's day, Weddings, Anniversaries to name a few!

Teach your children to work towards a goal. Help a youngster to save for a new bike, i-Pod, computer, car, their gap year or world travels.... Maybe it’s an important family event such as renting a first home, getting engaged, getting married or preparing for the arrival of a new baby… the list is endless!

MyDreamSafe is your own personal online PiggyBank where money flows directly between the contributor and the saver. It's fun, it's secure and it's all online. With MyDreamSafe you can share your goal on social media like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Get someone a gift they actually want

It has to be better than sending £10 in a birthday card! Go on, create yourself a MyDreamSafe goal and save time and money.

More detail of how it works.