my dream safe

Our Values

Our company ethos is to help build a strong sense of honesty, trust, equality, fairness and responsibility, both to users of our products, and when dealing in business. MyDreamSafe is all about encouraging people to save towards their goal. Our service is designed to help you, or someone you care about, reach that goal – enabling the formation of a pathway to achieve that dream. With MyDreamSafe we provide a simple and easy to use process that helps you reach your goals – ultimately seeking to enable you to save and achieve that dream. We encourage people to Save rather than buying on the 'never-never'. With Contributors giving money on condition that it is put towards a specific item, activity or project, Savers are more accountable and honour-bound to stick to their target, thereby helping them to achieve their Savings goal.

Charitable Contribution - Although MyDreamSafe is a supporter of a number of charities and seeks to show its commitment by donating a percentage of its profits, it is important for our users to specifically note that MyDreamSafe is a business enterprise motivated by, amongst other things, making a profit. If a profit is made, then MyDreamSafe may choose to, solely at the Management's discretion, donate some profits to charity. This is a way of MyDreamSafe putting something back into the community. By any user using this website, they are not directly donating to a Charity. It's MyDreamSafe's decision to proceed with a donation or not.